The Afrikaans word for the season Spring. Lambs running across green pastures, scattered with flowers and butterflies ... of course that’s the image that comes to mind (so corny.) And although there is truth in that, I am also the focussed strength with which new life breaks through the icy earth seeking the sun. My head is always bursting with plans, a spontaneous adventurer, an eternal optimist and a practical problem solver.

I am an Admitted Attorney and Notary with an Honours degree in Psychology. I am passionate about human strength, resilience and potential. The mental health of women, especially as we transition from one life phase to another and the rediscovery of identity in the process, is a cause close to my heart. And so lately I find myself in the Life Coach and Mediation space, which also provides me with the flexibility to spend time with my young family, to write, and to appear on behalf of Die Naguilklub as speaker and guest.

With a lot of grace, I found a guy with the courage and strength and sense of humour to absorb both my light and my darkness. He, more than anybody else, knows that my mistakes are big, but my recovery, bigger. After 12 years of married life, we’re raising two children together and reside in the beautiful Cape Town. My family breaks my heart open with the kind of unconditional love that I never knew existed. My children’s births were the most epic experiences of my life. They are my greatest joy and my greatest challenge; they force me to be more, to grow into the mother they need and the woman of character that I hope to be.

I drink too much coffee, and wine (‘cause children). I jog and love yoga – for sanity, in order for my back to survive a child on each hip, and to remain faster and stronger than the toddlers (survival of the fittest, right?). I really don’t’ like to cook, but alas we have to eat. I adore beautiful clothes, but alas we have to eat. James and I don’t currently get to explore exotic, new, far-off places. I don’t find myself in a theatre nearly enough, and I’m pretty fed-up with Lollos and Frozen on my playlist (which I would much rather trade for Queen, and a little something from Puccini).

And so I write. To make sense of the world I live in, to feel less alone, to live intentionally and to capture these most precious of moments with my children, so that one day I can hold the memory in my hand when the moment is long gone.

I write to tell myself, my children and the world: “perfection doesn’t inspire”. Exactly in the middle of your flawed humanity, is where your true beauty resides, and to show that to the world is your purest form of strength.

Kontak my gerus vir ‘n spreker geleentheid deur ‘n epos te stuur.