Yes, you are the mom who flew out the door like a hurricane this morning, swearing and almost blowing your top. For a moment there you might have felt like yelling, “THAT’S IT! I am done ...” Until you started to think, “I never wanted to be the mom who shouts and performs. Am I a bad mom?”

But just because your nails are not perfectly manicured and you’re not necessarily dolled up when you drop your kids off at school in the morning, does not mean you are a bad mom.

If your lunchboxes look nothing like a Gordon Ramsey ad campaign, you’re still not a bad mom.

Another fundraiser? And yet again you couldn’t manage to sell all the (ridiculously expensive) raffle tickets...? No, that doesn’t make you a bad mom either. Sometimes people are just not interested in winning a sheep. But mostly you are busy running a household.

That horrible moment when you realise your teenager’s soles are completely worn out, and you wonder how long he’s been wearing his shoes like that? That doesn’t make you a bad mom. You are not an army officer doing inspections all day. Same thing when it comes to homework too.

When your child informs you about his Zoom oral on a rare plant only found in the most remote reaches of the Andes mountain – the night before – and you lose your cool and feel completely hopeless? You’re not a bad mom.

It’s often the smallest things that upset a mom the most and make you feel useless, but please remember ...

You are a good mom, because:

  1. Your children are fed.
  2. Your children are cared for.
  3. Your children have a mother who loves them.
  4. Your heart is bigger than you realise.
  5. You have patience (even if it feels depleted) and

Believe in yourself. You are a good mom.

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