Today is just another day.

You don’t need to know what to do now, how to do it or who you are supposed to have to be. You don’t even have to be the same every day. You are a complex, multi-diverse masterpiece of whom more than one thing can be true at the same time.

You can have a strict routine, ánd choose to break your own rules.

You can be the arts&crafts mom ánd decide that your children are only going to watch TV the whole day.

You can be the fun mom ánd a disciplinarian.

Most importantly: you can just be. Without guilt, judgement or disappointment in yourself.

I am definitely not learning any new skills at the moment, my side hustles are hanging on by a thread, and the only “knowledge” I am acquiring is:

• how to make 300 snacks a day;

• how to find a quiet spot in the house;

• how to be the best sibling war referee ever.

Every person’s capacity is different,

mense se persoonlikhede en omstandighede verskil,

their personality and circumstances are different, the way they handle stress and what they need to make it through the day, is different.

And yours is different from yesterday to tomorrow.

Now, more than ever, you cannot compare yourself with the sliver of someone else’s life that you see on social media. And for mercy’s sake, please don’t go and judge everyone around you for how they’re dealing with all this uncertainty – every single person is only doing their best.

And you know what? I promise you, nobody is getting a medal for the prettiest/best/most productive/most “pinterestable” COVID-19. So stop beating yourself up! Be kind (with yourself).

Be kind (with yourself).

Hold space (for yourself).

And breathe deeply!

This day is just a day. Perhaps a super crappy one, but still – only a day. This does not define the totality of your motherhood. I think we can at least give ourselves a little more credit for who we really are.

I had to have this pep talk with the woman in the mirror this morning, currently dressed in a ‘n stock standard black ski pant.

Perhaps you need to have the talk with yourself too, or with another mom that crosses your path today.

Today is just another day.


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