I dreamed of you. Even before feeling those special tingling butterfly-kicks, I dreamed of you …

I dreamed of your eyes, your features and the person you would grow to be. Would you have rosebud-lips? Would you enjoy playing freely or painting more? Maybe reading?

What would you be destined to do?
Who would you be destined to be?
To be kind.
To have grace.
To show love.
I still dream this for you.

I dreamed of what you would like and what not. I had too much chocolate whilst dreaming … Would you also enjoy chocolate one day?

When we bought your first blanket, I dreamed of you, and based on gut and faith, also a few baby-grows.
The dream was an unwavering belief that we’d hold you within months, safe and secure.

We dreamed of your name.
What would suit you?
Would it be too short or long?
Maybe too heavy or maybe just right?

As I have dreamed, you have made our dreams come true. You have turned our dreams into reality.

By His grace, I could give life to you.
And still today I dream dreams for you.

- (Dedicated to Klaradyn and Nina-Maria)

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